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How to Create a Daily Routine That Works for you


One of the biggest hurdles I faced when I began working on my own was the lack of structure in my daily routine. One day, I would wake up and tackle my emails in the morning. The next day, I would have my meetings in the morning and deal with emails in the afternoon.

What I found eventually was that I was constantly off balance. I didn’t understand what the issue was. As I began to structure my days more, I began to find peace and harmony. I was also able to improve my efficiency and achieve more on a daily basis. I was able to finetune my daily routine to figure out what worked for me. This is not a one-size-fits-all formula; each person has to tailor their daily routine to fit their own needs. However, I would like to outline my daily routine, to inspire you to create one for yourself.

7:00am –      Wakeup

                        Coffee and Breakfast

                        Read News   

                        Get Ready

9:15am –       Go to office

10:00am –    Arrive at office

Work on proposals, writing or creative work. I find that I “produce” best in the morning. As the day goes on, I get more and more caught up in distractions and admin work.

1:30pm –       Lunch without phone. I find it important to disconnect for 30 minutes to refresh and reboot.

2:00pm –      Answer emails and handle social media.

3:30pm –      Handle admin work. This includes legal, accounting and bills.

7:00pm –      Leave office

Go straight to the gym. I find that if I go home before going to the gym, I feel much more lethargic. I prefer to go directly from the office.

As you can see, I am a morning person, so I tend to do my most important work in the morning. This varies from person to person, so you just need to create a daily routine that maximizes your efficiency and motivates you to do your best work possible!


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